Hawgstomper Rat Tail Jigs (item HRTJ)

This is our 2nd generation of Hawgstomper Rat Tail Jigs, released to the public in the Spring of 2014. These are hand-tied jigs, with the skirts held firmly in place with wire, not thread. These skirts stay put. Period.

Our Rat Tail jigs combine the frizzy skirt of our Hawgstomper Frizz Jigs with a “Rat Tail”, to give the jig another element of lifelike movement. Fish these jigs just like any other jig, with the lift-and-drop retrieve, or mix it up with some swimming action. The Rat Tail comes alive in the water!

And like our 2nd Generation Frizz Jigs, the Rat Tail Jigs are tied with extra-fine living rubber for unbeatable lifelike action in the water.

As with our other Hawgstomper products, our jigs are made using only quality components.

Need proof about how well our jigs catch fish? Check out our Hawgstomper Customer Testimonials!

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