Bruised Crawdad

Hawgstomper Frizz jigs have been fooling big bass since the mid 1990s.

These jigs have accounted for tournament bags over 21 lbs. for pro guide and tournament angler Curt Snow, helping him put big bass in the livewell and win a lot of tournaments.

He quietly fished them on local New England lakes for several years, winning a LOT of tournaments with them and never sharing them with anyone else. Until Now…

Starting in 2014, Curt released his secret weapon to the public, aptly naming it the Frizz Jig.

There’s just something about that frizzy skirt that finicky bass can’t resist, even in post-frontal conditions. Even while sitting on the bottom of the lake, those little tentacles flare out, undulating in the subtle underwater currents, begging bass to inhale them.

Frizz jigs are hand-tied with living rubber, using wire, so the skirts stay put. The extra-fine rubber “breathes” in the water in a way that silicone just can’t do, giving it a lifelike appearance.

Price:  $3.79

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